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Isabella is a musical about Music Education written by Allen Winold based on Catherine the Wise from Italian Folktales selected and retold by Italo Calvino.

The Book and Score are free to download for anyone wishing to produce the delightful musical.

Welcome Song

A choir welcomes the audience to the theater, and sets the stage: Isabella is sad because her mother has died and her father is trying to make her feel better...

Act 1

Isabella's father tries to help Isabella get over the death of her mother by opening a Music Education School for her.  Prince Carlo visits the school and is scolded by Isabella for misbehaving.  Furious, Prince Carlo insists the best revenge is to marry her.  Isabella agrees, but refuses to apologize for scloding Prince Carlo, so he sends her to the dungeon to reconsider.


Act 2

Isabella continues to refuse to apologize to Prince Carlo for scolding him, so he leaves her in the dungeon and goes off to a ballroom dance in Naples.  Unbenownst to Prince Carlo, Isabella escapes the dungion, disguises herself and meets him at the ball where they dance and flirt.  When Prince Carlo returns from the ballroom in Naples to the dungeon to see if Isabella will apologize, she again refuses.  So Prince Carlo decides to attend a garden party in Apulia.  Again, Isabella escapes the dungeon and disguises herself and dances with Prince Carlo, who is of course bewitched and begiuled by her charms.  Upon his return from the garden party in Apulia, he returns to the dungeon, where again Isabella refuses to apologize.  Finally, Prince Carlo goes to Vienna and waltzes with Isabella, who naturally is disguised.  This time, when he returns to the dungeon he declares he's fed up with Isabella's lack of apologizing and he is going to marry a princess from England instead.  At the wedding, Isabella appears with all of her disguises and admits that in fact, it was her he had been dancing with all those times.  They both realize they are in love and decide to get married again and live happily ever after (let's hope!).

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